Is it worth to have a clean house?

How a Clean environment motivates your children?

A briefly introduction:

This is problem that you might think do not affect your children or it is not present in your life, but it is more common that you think, the lack of hygiene can end up in serious consequences, from social problem to health problem, kids can be really straight forward when they want and if one of your children is not smelling good he or she might be a victim of bullying, this can really affect the life of your kid.

What Can I do to prevent it?


The best way to keep a clean environment is encouraging your children to clean their bedrooms, this is not a difficult task but some parents clean their bedrooms but I would say this is terrible mistake, he or she is going to grow up spoiled and won’t be able to do simple tasks like this, on the other hand try to clean the house at least once a week, As a single mother I don’t really have the time to clean the house everyday but I try to do it every Sunday, I try to let the vacuum robot run through the house every week, you might think it doesn’t look clean but believe me, after I clean I find a lot of dust, I recommend you to have a really good vacuum in order to have a better environment inside your house.

How can a clean place stimulate your children?

happyIt is proven that when you work or live in a clean environment you tend to be more productive, this is because you’re breathing fresh air, in my personal experience, especially when I was in college I used to have a really big mess in my room, every time I was there it wasn’t the best feeling, the environment felt heavy, I didn’t feel motivated to work and also it is not really hygiene because many microorganism can grow in those condition and in the future it might affect your health, this same effect can happen to your children, so if you keep it clean you might expect a change in the humor of your children, you will feel he or she is more active, it is really worth it.

Final conclusion (personal review):

conclusionThis is more personal than general; every single human being has its own standards of cleanness so it really depends how you were raised or your ideology about a clean environment, but we can all agree that a clean environment can really improve the life of your children, we are not saying you are going to say a huge change in the personality or attitude or your kid, but it might help a little bit,  we all try to keep a clean house and we can notice that our children has a better humor as well as when the house is not clean they are more serious or lazy.

I also want to make sure this is just a compilation of ideas that we discussed over the last meetings, if you want to discuss anything feel free to contact us.