Should we be worried about Technology?

Is technology an issue for our children?

Is it a problem or a benefit?


We cannot deny technology is now part of our life and it is vital for many things such as communication, entertainment, security, and other common tasks in our daily life, but we have to ask yourself what is the edge of this? When does it become a bad habit or behavior?

Certainly we can say technology is improving every single day, being more advanced and never stopping to surprise us, but our biggest concern as single mother is how is this going to affect the life of our children and more important how is it affecting right now?

What problems can Lead technology?

obesitychildOne of our first posts talks about obesity and this is related to technology, the lack of exercise of our children nowadays is one of the main problems nowadays, they prefer to stay in the computer or playing in a tablet which increase the inactivity and end up in a possible case of obesity.

Isolation is also a big problem, all the content available on the internet is now how our children stays entertained and we can see their dependences to this devices, since 2000 we can see how this is changing.

When I was teenager I used to go out and play with my friends we used to play basketball, run, go hiking and other activities but today all I see is children playing on tablets or smartphones.

Should we prohibit or regulate this?


Prohibit is not the best choice, you can find really good content on the internet and also playing a video games sometimes is good for your children, but try to keep the balance, also internet is a place where anyone we can post anything, even though some websites has regulations such as Facebook it is impossible to keep control of every person on this platform and your son or daughter might be exposed to sensible or inadequate material.

Are predators a serious problem on the internet?


Yes, they are, Social media is an open source to everyone as well as behind a device you can be whoever you want and this is something serious that we have to take care of, I suggest to regulate or prohibit the use of social media in early ages, this might sound a big conservatism but believe me it is for the safety of your kids, predators are everywhere and our children are innocent, please do not let them use social media at early ages


As a group of single mothers we are really concerned about technology, especially internet, we all agree that a child shouldn’t be on Facebook, Twitter and other popular sites at the age of 10 for example, they’re innocent and they can be convinced easily to do stuff that they are not aware of. We recommend you to allow your children do use technology but with responsibility, have a good talk and tell them how dangerous can be the network.