Why is reading important at early ages?

Why you should encourage you kid to read?

Is reading important:


Literature can be really amazing if you know how to take advantage of it, one of the main ideas of our children is that reading is boring because sometimes it is mandatory in some institution, along with math this create like a certain fear about this, this is the trigger to make your children avoid this kind of activities.

How can I encourage my children to read?

Reading can improve your relationship between you and your children
Reading can improve your relationship between you and your children

The most important thing about this is that your children actually enjoy doing this, otherwise you’re forcing you kid to do it, this is not healthy, but you might think this is the only way to do it and it is going to be worth but this is a terrible mistake that many parents do, I remember when I was little my mother obligated me to read this created a bad perception on me about reading, but I guess you do not want the same thing, I suggest you ask your children about the topics the he or she is more interested and go to the library or a book story and get something that he likes.

Why is reading important?

bookI should say reading can also be bad, because some books contain material that can be really disturbing for kids of those ages, so I recommend you to be careful and check what your children is reading.

On the other hand, reading can improve the creativity of your children as well as increase its general knowledge in an early age, which can end up in good results in school, I encourage all parents reading this post to motivate your child to read, tell them reading is an important aspect for their life and it also can be really fun.

Is it a responsibility from school?

schoolTechnically it is something that the educational system has to take care of, but throughout the years I have noticed that they do not really stimulate our children, they just go to class and say, you have to read this book by tomorrow or so, sometimes the children are not happy about it especially because they don’t like the topics this is the point where this phobia begins.


I cannot obligate you to take action over this topic, every parent is different and we all know what we want for our children, but I really animate you to at least try to research a little bit about this topic by yourself, there are many studies that can provide you with lots of useful and proven experiments and theories about this.

To conclude I just can say this is such a broad topic that I cannot really give you a true arguments about it, because as I said before there are many factors that affect this and I am not an official source we are just a group of single mothers sharing their experiences and knowledge, so don’t take this as the true, please find some information in your nearest library or internet.