Obesity in our country

Obesity in the United States

Should we be concerned:

This map shows how obesity is spread in the country
This map shows how obesity is spread in the country

Certainly over the last decade’s obesity has become one of the main problems in the United States, our country is on the top ten of the fattest countries in the world, this is contributed by many factor especially the ingestion of fast good and pop as well as the style of life of many Americans, it is hard to face this problem directly because there are many factor to take in consideration such as poverty, stress, health conditions where the person can’t stop eating, but concluding this aspect we could totally say YES obesity is a huge problem and we must try to solve this issue.

Does it affect our kids?


Yes, definitely, these products are promoted on the TV or banners on the street where everyone can see them, this makes an effect on the brain of the children creating a desire to get that product, this is just the tip of the iceberg, sometimes parents don’t have the time to cook a fresh and healthy meal because they have to work and the easiest solution to get food is ordering pizza, hamburgers and other type of food  that does not contribute with the health of the children, but sometimes you have no choice, as a single mother I can’t deny I have done that, but I try to keep the balance, I believe eating a slice of pizza or burger time to time it is not a big deal, but if you keep doing this you’re just destroying the health of your children.

What can we do in order to stop this?

keepcalmlogoMy advice for every parent who is reading this right now is to stop buying fast food and start cooking for your kids, I know it is not easy and if you are not good at cooking it might be a challenge for you, but think about the future of your children, the ingestion of junk food when they are growing up can seriously damage the help of your son and daughter, that is something that none parent wants for its children, I am not saying stop buying fast food and cook without oil, or only feed your children with vegetables, I am recommending you to keep a healthy nutrition for your children, and a great tip for those parents who rush everyday with your schedule is to cook in a slow cooker, so by the time you get home you have a fresh meal to put in the table.

How can we conclude this topic?

Honestly this is one of the most controversial topics and it is hard to stop, maybe seems easy to say, go to the gym, be active, eat healthy but sometimes it is more than that, a lot of the times we do not have the opportunity to do this kind of activities because our work do not allow us to take some time off and exercise or cook a healthy meal, I just can say, try your best and feed your children with good food, it is going to make a different in the future.