How to keep your children active?

Tips to keep your children active


One of the biggest concerns as parents is to keep your children active, we know children can be really active and curious about the world but sometimes we have to give them a push to get into the real world, this is vital for the future of the children because a happy and healthy child is going to be a successful human being, we encourage you as a parent to play with your kid whenever you can as well as try to get involved with his/her interested.

How to know if your children is struggling with his social life:

A brief example of bullying
A brief example of bullying

Kids can be cruel sometimes and they make fun of other kids, maybe you do not know if your children is having problem with this, maybe because he or she feels embarrassed to tell you, but if you feel that your children is being a victim of this behavior, please talk with your child, create a healthy environment where he or she can feel comfortable, so your son or daughter won’t feel shame about telling its life, back to the topic, kids struggling with this conditions tend to be shy, and inactive, this could really damage the health of your children, despite the fact that sometimes they act normally at home but they get bullied by others kids in school.

How can I keep my kid active?

My son in one of his training
My son in one of his training

The most important fact for this is getting to know what your children likes and what doesn’t, this is vital to provide a fun and healthy time for you and your children, for example my children likes to play soccer, so I try to play with him in the backyard even though I am not really good, but that not what matters, the most important thing is spending time with them. Also, I encourage him to play in the school team, I buy him gear for soccer as well as I try to go to his games and training, this is going to keep your kid active plus he is going to feel that has a support, this is really important for a really good relationship between parent and child.

What can I do if I don’t have time?


This is a big problem that a lot of parents are facing nowadays, with the economic situation is hard to keep the food in the table, and we have to get a second job or work longer, this could be seem as an obstacle, but a good way to keep your children active is taking him or her to a friend’s house, but make sure you know them well before leaving your children, I am not saying you should do this all the time, I suggest you to spend some time doing activities but if you don’t really have the time taking your children to the house a good friend from school can be a really good solution as well as he’s going to be social, this is really important, isolation is really hurtful for a kid.