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Welcome to www.consumerismandkids.com we are an online organization who’s aiming for a better health of every kid in the Unites States of America, our idea first started in 2009 when a group of single mothers were concerned about the health and happiness of the kids in the country, one of the main problems in the country is obesity as well as keeping your child active, that’s the reason why we started this website.

How did we start:

This is when we met to discuss the website
This is when we met to discuss the website

It all goes back to November of 2009 when we reunited some money to start our own website, we didn’t really know how to create a website but we had support from local people who helped us without anything in return, that is how we started this website, our content is created by us (single mothers), we discuss relevant topics for the health of children and we would like to hear from you suggesting some topics.

 Goals to achieve:

Our main goal with this organization is change a little bit the mind of parents around the country, we know we can’t do it but we can at least contribute a little bit with this national wide issue that is really affecting the future of our country, we try to give tips to parents about how to keep their children active, how to keep a healthy diet for them, we discuss the topics with every member of the organization, we are around 15 single mothers located in Seattle whom try to meet every week but this is really hard because of the responsibility that we have raising our children but we try our best to keep the website active.

Here’s a quick quote from some of our members:

Hey there, I am shirley
Hey there, I am Shirley

Shirley Thompson: Hey there; I am a single mom from Dallas, Texas I moved to Seattle in 2005 and I met this group in 2009 and it has been a really good choice in my life, I got to know a lot of single mother but other than that we have fun sharing stories and tip to take care of our children.

Enjoy your stay on the website, by the way I am brooke
Enjoy your stay on the website, by the way I am Brooke

Brooke Nissen: Hello everyone, I just want to say thanks for visiting our website it really means a lot to us, you people outside are the reason why we keep posting our content on this website, a huge thanks for all you guys.

This is me people, have fun on our site
This is me people, have fun on our site

Clare Bult: Hi, my name is Clare and I am from Portland, Oregon, I moved up north right after I had my daughter, I think Seattle it’s a really good place to raise a child, I met the group in 2010, I am one of the most recent member even though I’ve been hanging out with them for a while I still consider as a new member, anyway, thanks for you visit, enjoy our articles.

Thanks for your visit:

Once again we want to say thank you to every single person who made this project possible, to the people who supported us from the beginning till the last person who is reading this, without you this wouldn’t be real, we encourage you to contact us, we love to reply every message, don’t be shy we don’t bite, Have an excellent day.